New Bedford PCB Capping

Cashman Dredging New Bedford PCB Capping Project  

In 2009, Cashman dredged approximately 121,000 yd^3 utilizing the Captain A.J. Fournier excavator dredge during the construction of the New Bedford Harbor Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) cell #2.  The new CAD cell was constructed for the relocation of PCB contaminated sediments within the harbor.  Sediment removed during the construction of the CAD cell was loaded into split hull dump scows and transported to the Massachusetts Bay Disposal Site.

Cashman owned and operated equipment utilized on the project consisted of the CAJF dredge, tug boats and three split hull dump scows including the Eddie Carroll, Mighty Quinn and the Joe Verrochie.

CUSTOMER: City of New Bedford, Harbor Development Commission