East Chester Creek

East Chester Creek

Location: Eastchester, NY

Date: 2011

Cashman performed dredging of the East Chester Creek Federal Navigation Channel, removing 25,000 yd^3 of material utilizing a CAT-375 excavator mounted on flexi-float barge system. A 5-CY TGS environmental hydraulic clamshell bucket was used to load maintenance material into hopper barges. Material was dredged to a project grade of -8 feet with an over depth of -1 foot. Loader hopper barges were dewatered into a decanting barge using a 6-inch Godwin hydraulic pump. Hopper barges were moved to an offloading and processing facility, with ultimate disposal at a permitted landfill site. Similar to the GE Hudson River project, this material required significant dewatering and processing to make it suitable for its ultimate disposal at permitted landfill sites. Cashman’s extensive experience in this type of dredging on the Hudson River helped contribute to the project’s success.

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