Kennebec River Maintenance Dredging

Kennebec River Maintenance Dredging

Location: Bath, ME

Date: 2011

Cashman was selected to perform this 500-ft-wide, 27-ft-deep channel dredging project to ensure that the U.S. Navy could safely navigate the waters with its Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, the USS Spruance. Cashman removed 58,000 yd^3 of material using the trailing suction hopper dredge, Atchafalaya, with both in-water and near-shore disposal. This high-profile project required close coordination with resource agencies due to the presence of short- and long-nosed sturgeon, as well as nearby lobster and clam related industries. The project had a time-critical deadline and was completed safely, on time, and under budget. The Army Corps awarded Cashman an overall “outstanding” rating on its performance evaluation.

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