Cove Point LNG Pipeline Dredging

Cove Point LNG Pipeline Dredging

Location: Cove Point, MD

Date: 2010

Cashmas was contracted to mechanically remove ~110,000 yd^3 of silt and sand material utilizing a Lima-2400 crane dredge. Material was loaded into two 3,000-CY hopper scows and transported to the unloading barge located adjacent to the pier revetment at the Cove Point LNG facility for hydraulic unloading and placement evenly behind the revetment wall. Material was unloaded from hopper scows using an excavator-mounted DAMEN DOP hydraulic pump. The material was then transported through 1,000 feet of 12-inch HDPE pipe and discharged. The initial 2,000 cubic yards of material were discharged in a geotube; remaining material was discharged evenly behind the revetment wall, moving the pipeline as material filled in the area. Water from behind the revetment wall was pumped through a return pipeline and discharged to the water body, as per Contract discharge water environmental control requirements.

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