Cheatham Annex Naval Weapons Facility Maintenance Dredging

Cheatham Annex Naval Weapons Facility Maintenance Dredging

Location: Yorktown, VA

Date: 2010

This project consisted of the mechanical removal of ~65,000 yd^3 of silt material utilizing the dredge Wood I at the Pier CAD A at the Cheatham Annex. Sediments were excavated using a 14-CY cable arm environmental clamshell style bucket. Material was loaded into six 3,000-CY hopper scows and transported via tugboat ~109 miles along the James and York River waterways to Shirley Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia. Material was unloaded from hopper scows utilizing an excavator-mounted DAMEN DOP hydraulic pump. Material was transported through 5,000 feet of 12-inch HDPE pipe and discharged at a settling pond location designated at the Shirley Plantation. Water from the settling pond was pumped through 5,000 feet of return pipeline and discharged to the waterbody. All work met or exceeded the project-specific schedule and environmental constraints.

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